Empire Strikes Back


This is the movie where the Empire really hammers the Rebels hard, so let’s get hammered and commiserate.

Drinking Rules For Empire Strikes Back


Take a Sip Whenever…

Luke complains that something is too hard

Han calls Leia something other than her name

A character is seen working on the Millennium Falcon


Take a Drink Whenever…

A lightsaber gets activated

Chewie freaks out over something

A droid other than C-3PO or R2-D2 speaks

Actors are clearly pretending to be knocked off-balance


Finish a Drink Whenever…

Obi-Wan appears as a ghost

C-3PO mentions the odds

Drinking Rules For the Whole Trilogy

Take a Sip Whenever…

There’s a shot that features sound in space

A line could conceivably be used in a porno

Han calls Luke “Kid”

Han refers to the Millennium Falcon as though it is his woman


Take a Drink Whenever…

Someone communicates with someone through the Force

Someone says “It’s not my fault”

Someone says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

There’s twincest

R2-D2 plugs into something (see above for rules about porno)


Finish a Drink Whenever…

A Force power is shown onscreen for the first time

You see a woman that isn’t Leia or a POC that isn’t Lando

A planet is shown or mentioned that only has one type of climate or topical characteristic


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