Return of the Jedi


Just so you know, you’re going to lose. You’re going to lose the war and you’re going to lose this game. There are no winners here.

Drinking Rules for Return of the Jedi


Take a Sip Whenever…

“The Imperial March” begins to play

The Emperor says “Good”

A Stormtrooper is defeated by something other than a blaster or lightsaber


Take a Drink Whenever…

Someone lands in the Sarlaac Pit.

The Death Star Fires

A ship or manned vehicle belonging to the Empire gets destroyed

The Emperor tries to convince Luke to give in to the Dark Side


Finish Your Drink Whenever…

Stormtroopers line up for the sole purpose of welcoming in a new shuttle

You see an Ewok die


Drinking Rules For the Whole Trilogy

Take a Sip Whenever…

Stormtroopers manage to not hit something right in front of them

There’s an explosion in space

Someone mentions  “the Force”

There’s an old-fashioned screen wipe


Take a Drink Whenever

Someone loses a body part (includes droids)

Someone mentions “destiny”

There’s a shot of a pilot going down in flames as his cockpit crumples around him

Someone is inexplicably racist against Chewie (this includes line of dialogue, insults, random petting, etc.)

It seems likely that R2-D2 is saying something obscene/derogatory

Stormtroopers are gamely trying to run in that armor


Finish Your Drink Whenever…

Someone chokes someone else (this is not limited to Darth Vader)

Someone mispronounces a name (drink twice if the character whose name is mispronounced is in the scene and doesn’t bat an eye).

The Millennium Falcon‘s lightspeed doesn’t work

You hear the Wilhelm Scream

A Stormtrooper hits whatever he’s shooting at


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