Avatar Quiz (Subtitle: WordPress Quiz Fail)

3 Mar

So, I made this super awesome quiz to help you figure out if you’re a Fire Bender, Earth Bender, Water Bender or Non Bender (hint: it’s mostly based on the personalities of the main characters.)  Whatever. At least I didn’t ask about eye color. (Who has golden eyes? No one. It’s like all the Fire Benders died out or something.) I actually did research into martial arts styles and philosophy for this one. And by research, I mean I blatantly stole ideas from a cool person.

Anyhoo, WordPress.com is tragically incapable of embedding quizzes, which is the new saddest thing ever. So instead  you get to go take the quiz at my other hangout, CohesiveThesis.

So take the quiz and let me know! Who are you most like? Douchebag McZuko? TooMuchSugar von Aang? Or this guy?

Sucky Let’sHopeNot


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