Rating Doctor Who’s Companions from Worst to Best

29 Dec


There have been four official companions in the Whovian universe over the last seven years, and we just recently got to number five. Well, that’s actually not true. I would say that a companion is someone who has traveled in the TARDIS more than once at the Doctor’s request, which thankfully excludes Jackie, because, come on.

Jackie Tyler, seen here escaping from a Mary Kay testing facility.

It does, however, include some of the gentlemen that we often forget about, because in the Doctor Who universe, the Doctor is the only brother/son-in-law/lover/deity/repairman/father figure you will ever need. So let us rate our lovely companions (and Donna) on several levels and see who comes out on top.

11. Amy (Pond) Williams

“If you just stare at my beauty you’ll forget how self-centered I am.”

I thought about putting Mickey in last place. I really did. But that seemed a little too easy. Mickey’s annoying as shit, but he doesn’t exactly have it easy throughout the series. Amy, on the other hand, has a sweet, adoring boyfriend, an amazing protector, the most stunning body of all time, red hair and a bunch of brilliant opportunities.

And, from what I can tell, she does jack shit with them.

I want to like Amy. I really do. But she’s barely a human being, mostly a body and occasionally an attitude. Her character is interesting but not terribly likable. A main contention in Amy’s story line is her conflicting attachments to her fiance, Rory, and the Doctor. But you know what? I never feel conflicted. I never feel any affection or love from her towards Rory. I feel an attraction to the Doctor, and a dependence, but no selfless love. The only person Amy Pond loves is herself. They have to kill Rory like, a billion times to elicit any emotional response from her.

And they had to make two Amys to make her care even a little.

Total Stats:

Ballsy:      /5 Rose Tylers. You know, every companion has to be adventurous, and they certainly can’t be timid. But while I would call Amy brassy and strong-headed, I wouldn’t precisely call her ballsy. She’ll tell the Doctor that he’s a goddamn Space Whale, but she still seems awfully afraid of becoming an Angel and that crack in her wall.

Competent: 0/5 Martha Jones. Amy is not competent. The one time she was competent was when she was an older version of herself that then ceased to exist after being locked out of the TARDIS. She needs saving by Rory. She needs saving by the Doctor. Even when she saves the world it’s sort of involuntary, being drawn from her memories and such.

Compassionate: 0/5 Wilfred Motts. Amy cares about Amy. That’s it.

Hot:      /5 Amy Ponds. She wins this category. I won’t deny it. And the category clearly matters to producers, so we won’t ignore it. But unfortunately for Amy, I will not let that affect my judgment towards her irritating and callous character.

10. Mickey Smith

Who’s the tin dog, Mickey? You are!

Mickey Smith is an insanely annoying character. For most of the first and second season, he just appears to be a giant obstacle between Rose and the Doctor making sweet, timey-wimey love. Also, he’s clingy, whiny, petulant and a fan of both guilt-trips and jealousy-inducing bullshit tactics. The Doctor doesn’t like him and periodically calls him “Ricky.” He serves no purpose.


This. Well, not just this.

Except that Mickey stands by an extremely ambivalent girlfriend who continuously runs off with an older man, brags about her adventures and then ignores him. Except that Mickey cares enough about his grandmother that he stays in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombie cyborgs just to take care of her. Except that Mickey becomes a huge fucking badass, waging war, blowing up Daleks and taking names. I mean, he somehow manages to lock down Martha Jones, who is insanely hot and super awesome. Anyone plowing Martha does not deserve to be in dead last in this list.

Ballsy:       /5 Rose Tylers. I’m going to go with literally “ballsy” here and remind readers that Mickey is the only person so far to dick two of the Doctor’s companions. Even the Doctor hasn’t done that. So bravo, Mickey. Bra. Vo.

Competent:  /5 Martha Jones. Mickey’s plans don’t really go well for the most part, and it takes a lot of yelling to get him to do anything, but it’s pretty cool when he comes back from a parallel world and knows more about a few things than the Doctor. Even if it’s just for a second.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. I know I said that Mickey was a good guy who cares about Rose and his grandmother, but that doesn’t make him truly compassionate, because he only cares about people for what they offer (or might offer) him.

Hot:   amy /5 Amy Ponds. Mickey is not attractive when he’s being a little bitch, but his badassery makes him hot. That and when he’s shirtless. Shirtless Mickey = Very Yes.

9. Clara Oswin Oswald

“Feel free to judge me based entirely on how cute I am.”

I don’t dislike Clara. But I don’t really like her, either. Other than as a plot point and an intellectual puzzle, there’s really no point to her, y’know? Like, I don’t like Amy or Donna very much, but at least they’re characters. Amy spends her whole life trying to track down a fantastical man who can take her away and keep her safe. Donna believes that she doesn’t matter and has to learn her own value before losing all of her hard-earned catharsis. That’s a compelling arc to me.

Even if she was dumb enough not to want the Doctor

Clara is just so bland. She’s good and kind-hearted and brave or whatever, but she doesn’t have any motivation of her own, no reason for escaping or going on adventures. The depressing thing is that I loved her in her very first episode, when she was much smarter than the Doctor and flirting with Rory. But that turned out to be another one of those annoying “Give a female character borrowed power in order to save the male lead, then make her give it back and call it feminism” instances.

“Don’t worry, Tony Stark will heal me of this independence and badassery. “

Ballsy:     /5 Rose Tylers. I mean, she willingly jumps into a thousand different worlds and times to save the Doctor, even knowing it might kill her. Pretty ballsy. Then again, you can’t be brave if you’re not scared. I don’t know what scares Clara. I don’t know what she’s giving up when she runs away with the Doctor.

Competent: N/A . I officially call “Not applicable” here. She was really competent because she managed to save the Doctor’s life, like, a billion times. And I would be totally on board with that if she’d earned her skills and intelligence. But she just gets random personality traits inserted into her brain. None of it’s real. And in her present-day incarnation, she doesn’t know how to log onto the internet. Seriously. In 2013. WTF.

Compassionate:   /5 Wilfred Motts. I mean, I think so? Is she compassionate? IS SHE? What is the %#&@ing point of Clara??

Hot:     /5 Amy Ponds. She is so fucking adorable. This is the only one I have any confidence on at all.

8. Donna Noble

“THIS guy, amirite?”

Donna is, in her chewy molten center, a sad and insecure person. But that doesn’t mean I have to like her, or even feel sorry for her. She makes up for her faults by yelling, making irritating faces and delivering lines that are supposed to be witty but fall tragically short. Donna is higher up on this list than she should be for one reason and one reason only. She makes the Doctor look like this with only the power of her sadness:

LOOK at those puppy eyes.

The problem with Donna is that she mistakes brass for actual courage, volume for knowledge and bullying for leadership. It was a nice change of pace to not have a companion be in love with the Doctor, but that doesn’t mean she had to be such a jerk all the time to a guy that was just trying to show her adventures beyond her wildest dreams. Still, she’s part of a great season and has that nice moment where she has to literally kiss the poison out of the Doctor.

Ballsy:          / 5 Rose Tylers. Donna is ballsy, but she sure has a lot of criticism for the adventurous lifestyle. Sure, she’ll jump out of a car or help blow up a volcano, but she’s going to bitch about it.

Competent:  5 Martha Jones. Donna does not actively get the Doctor into deeper trouble the way Rose does, but she sure doesn’t help out much. She’s a backseat driver, but she doesn’t really have much to offer other than criticism.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. For being such a bitch all the time, Donna is surprisingly compassionate when people are sad. Her devastation at the Ood’s plight was enough for me to see that she’s not totally self-centered, just often too loud to notice other people’s problems.

Hot: 0/5 Amy Ponds. Sorry, Donna. You are just…no. Just no.

7. Sarah Jane Smith

“I’m sure I can continue as a companion when I’m no longer this attractive” – Sarah Jane, 1989

Honestly, Sarah Jane Smith is only low in this list because I am not a true, die-hard Whovian and I have not watched the old series. I can’t speak to what kind of companion Ms. Smith was in the past, but she serves as remarkable evidence for the Doctor’s flighty, occasionally callous way of abandoning people and places and times. Unfortunately, despite her career and her courage, this makes Sarah Jane ultimately a victim. One who was never really able to move on from her abandonment. Also, she says she doesn’t have kids but then like a season later she has a 14 year old? (Confession: I didn’t watch the spin-off either.)

Ballsy:         /5 Rose Tylers. Sarah Jane has a pretty big pair. Doctor or no, she’s going to investigate the crap out of paranormal activities and then solve problems using only her sexy-grandma ways.

Competent:     /5 Martha Jones. She has no Doctor, no TARDIS, she winds up with the tin dog and she still manages to stay alive and kick ass. Go Sarah Jane.

Compassionate: N/A. I’m afraid I have no data to draw from on this one. Maybe someone can tell where she falls on this scale.

Hot:    /5 Amy Ponds. She was hot back in her day, but we’re dealing with the new series only. Even so, I’ll give her two Amys just for owning her age and lookin’ good for a 60-something.

6. Wilfred Motts

“I have failed as a parent.”

I adore Wilfred. The man is a saint, simply for the fact that he lives with his absolutely heinous cow of a daughter, and a granddaughter that looks eerily similar in age to her own mother. Wilfred is a veteran but also a very gentle and kind man. We never see any softness from his daughter, Sylvia, but he evokes a certain kindness in Donna. She even speaks in conversational tones around him, which makes him a fucking magician. He is the Doctor’s confidant when the Doctor breaks down, he advocates against gun use and when England is blasted to shit he makes friends with locals and teaches them songs. The only reason he’s not higher on this list is that he is almost directly responsible for David Tennant leaving me, and that is unforgivable.

Ballsy:           /5 Rose Tylers. This is a man who fires a paintball gun at a Dalek without worrying about his own personal safety. He fought in World War II. I have not once see him be afraid or give a single fuck about himself. Classy man.

Competent:    /5 Martha Jones. The paintball gun was a great idea, but it didn’t particularly work. And he did help the Doctor save the world against the return of Timothy Dalton’s creepy-ass face. Unfortunately, he then got himself trapped in a radiation box. UNACCEPTABLE, Wilfred.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. He’s the most empathetic man ever. He always seems on the verge of tears on behalf of others, whether it’s for an immigrant family being deported, his daughter’s memory loss or the Doctor’s helplessness.

Hot:  /5 Amy Ponds. Oh, shut up, he’s adorable.

5. Captain Jack Harkness


I’m a huge fan of companions that can function independently of the Doctor. Jack is competent but he doesn’t take himself terribly seriously, and he allows himself to be changed for the better by the Doctor without feeling totally dependent. He has his own ideas about weapons, government control and pansexual orgies and he sticks to his guns (especially when said guns are hidden inside him.)

The Master represents everything terrible that the Doctor could become if he allowed himself to yield to power, madness or despair. Jack represents what the Doctor can never be: relaxed, thoughtless and horny. What a wonderful world it would be if the Doctor could just give in and truly appreciate the beautiful women that surround him.

Her hand would not be the body part he’d grab.

Ballsy:          /5 Rose Tylers. He doesn’t get full marks for ballsiness because he has a cheat code for invulnerability, but I’ll give him 4 because he’s a badass and the first time he died he didn’t realize he’d be coming back.

Competent:    /5 Martha Jones. He gets 4 because his plans often involved getting killed. Depending on how long it takes to revive him that can make things problematic in his absence.

Compassionate:    /5 Wilfred Motts. For such a huge slutbag, Jack truly loves almost everyone he meets (and he also loves almost everyone he meets.) He starts out a mercenary but he’s open to change, which is better than being naturally selfless. Unfortunately, there is a sort of indifference to the way he applies his affections universally, so we’ll go 3 here.

Hot:      /5 Amy Ponds. The male equivalent of Amy Pond. Sexy as shit and knows it.

4. Rory (Williams) Pond

Rory is wonderful. Female companions tend to sort of lose their sense of selves and devote themselves to the Doctor. Rory responds to the Doctor by digging in his heels and remaining exactly who he is: domestic, awkward, down-to-earth and not terribly okay with the bullshit that happens in the universe. The only criticism I have of Rory is that he has chosen to love the soulless creature that is Amelia Pond. If he loves her for her looks it makes him shallow, but I can understand that. If he loves her for her personality (?) then I fear for his sanity.

Originally I posted Rory lower than this because I thought that, while great, he was not an ideal companion for the Doctor. But I re-watched Season 5-6 and I’m wrong. The Doctor needs someone like Rory, someone who won’t get swept up in the crazy, romantic, unsustainable lifestyle of a Time Lord. Someone who isn’t always liked and doesn’t always agree and by god thinks that a normal life and a rat tail are great things.

Ballsy:          rory/5 Rose Tylers. He punched Hitler in the face. You don’t get more ballsy than that. Rory has big actions that prove he’s a badass, but in his everyday interactions he’s fairly timid and often not terribly adventurous, which is what gives him a 3.5 instead of 4.

Competent:    /5 Martha Jones. I wouldn’t say the Doctor’s lifestyle is one that Rory is hugely competent in, but he’s a great nurse and a loving husband, which is what really matters to him. Also, he manages to protect a box from harm for 2,000 freaking years, which means he’s got to be the most competent janitor/bodyguard ever recorded for the least grateful cargo of all time.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. Rory has to be compassionate for himself and Amy, so he’s pretty good at it. He’s fierce in his love and he cares about other people that aren’t given a chance, like the rebel flesh version of periodically-insane Jennifer. He gets full Wilfreds for this.

Hot:   /5 Amy Ponds. He’s nowhere approaching hot, but he sure is cute as a puppy that is more deserving of love than its condescending and disinterested owner (damn you, Pond.) Also, did I mention the rat tail? No, Rory. Just…no.

3. Martha Jones

Proof that the Doctor must be either blind or a eunuch

I have enormous respect for Martha Jones. Unlike Rose, Amy or Donna, she has a career that she is working hard to achieve. She loves a man that loves someone else and what does she do? She does the mature thing and voluntarily removes herself from the situation without drama or anger. She is the only companion who isn’t a victim. She doesn’t lose her memory, she isn’t lost, she isn’t abandoned. She adapts and thrives and moves on.

“You hate Rose and the Doctor’s relationship too? Let’s make out.”

The only thing I have against Martha is that she was engaged to a nice pediatrician one moment, and married to Mickey the next. It smacks of flakiness, and makes her seem like she just marries people to prove that she’s so over the Doctor. All the way over him.

Ballsy:         /5 Rose Tylers. Martha responds well to pressure and is good under fire, but she doesn’t really go out of her way to seek out trouble or put a stop to it. She’ll pretend to be a maid until shit gets crazy, but when the Doctor’s captured she will travel the whole world pretending to assemble a gun. I’ll still give her clever more than ballsy, though.

Competent:     /5 Martha Jones. Martha’s competence is summarized in her very first appearance. The Doctor needs her to run the MRI machine and she doesn’t know how. Instead of dithering or flipping out, she finds the damn instruction manual and figures it out all by her damn self.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. Martha is compassionate and professional with just about everyone, healing an “enemy” alien’s arm and comforting a scared young man in a pod aimed at the sun. I can’t get over the way she dumps her fiance for Mickey, though. Seriously.

Hot:      /5 Amy Ponds. Very hot. Maybe not as “I’m a runway model” hot as Amy, but I personally find her more attractive for her wit and enthusiasm.

2. River Song

“Spoilers” is her only safe word.

River Song is the perfect wife for the Doctor, something that was clear from her very first episode. She was enigmatic, independent, aggressive, competent and bitingly intelligent. Most importantly, though, the Doctor finally has a time period that he’s unable to explore: his own future. He can’t show off his knowledge or make himself the superior member of the relationship with his cheater’s knowledge of the universe. His footing is just as uneven as hers–often more so. The Doctor needs that. It makes him human to have someone who knows more than he does. Someone who doesn’t agree with him and doesn’t care. Neither does she need him in order to live her own life. She’s as timeless and strong-headed as he is, and simultaneously younger and older than he is too. Now that’s spicing up the bedroom.

“Wait. Amy. I have something awkward to tell you.”

Ballsy:            /5 Rose Tylers. Not only ballsy and hot-headed, but willing to sacrifice her own life to save the man she loves. Classy as hell and stubborn to boot. If her last words on the show aren’t “Hello, Sweetie” in a classically poignant Bizarro-esque goodbye, I’ll literally explode.

Competent:      /5 Martha Jones. Not competent enough to stay alive, but competent in every other capacity.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. She gets one point for her sacrifice, but it’s for her husband, so that doesn’t really count as compassion. River is a killer and an unapologetic one. She’s also fairly brusque with her team and not given to sentimentality. I wonder where she gets it from? (Not her dad.) However, she gets extra points for giving up immortality for a man she doesn’t know. That’s compassion.

Hot:    /5 Amy Ponds. Nice hair and a great attitude will get you far, and that’s what River’s got going for her.

1. Rose Tyler

The luckiest girl in the world.

Of course it had to be Rose. I know I said that I like companions who can function independently of the Doctor. Or really competent characters.

I don’t care what I said. Rose is the best companion and that’s final.

What’s amazing about Rose is her sheer enthusiasm. She gets the Doctor. She knows what he needs to hear, when he needs to hear it. She responds to him eagerly and she possesses exactly the same spirit of adventure. I hated her the first time around because she was always getting into trouble that she was not competent enough to get out of. But I think that’s just how the Doctor learned, once upon a time. By the time she returns she is an extremely competent human being with the same values and talents as the Doctor. Even when she tells Donna “I’m sorry” you can hear echoes of the Doctor in her voice. She’s not the ideal wife of a Time Lord, but she brings out the best in him and their love is the most beautiful thing ever put on television.

Ballsy:           /5 Rose Tylers. Can’t dig her way out of the trouble she gets in, but never backs down and doesn’t let fear get the best of her. She’ll get herself killed young but it will be hilarious and badass as shit.

Competent:     /5 Martha Jones. In the first two seasons I’d give her a zero in competence. She gets an A for effort but still rides the short bus home in this category. By the end of her run, though, she deserves a medal for the effort and skill she puts into getting the Doctor back.

Compassionate:     /5 Wilfred Motts. She’s pretty damn compassionate, with a healthy dose of belligerence and flirtation that keep you from thinking she’s soft. She’s also the only companion who ever feels the need to check in on her family, even though her family is literally the worst thing to happen to the world (don’t make me show you the picture of Jackie again.)

Hot:     /5 Amy Ponds. I have a lot of people complain that Rose is not attractive enough. But, hey. The girl’s got a great body, and by season four she’s learned that makeup does not equal beauty. She has a gorgeous smile. And, hell, who am I kidding, when I think about Rose’s attractiveness, I’m really thinking about this:


and thissad2

and this…



63 Responses to “Rating Doctor Who’s Companions from Worst to Best”

  1. Alex December 29, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    I had to vote for Rory. I love his subtle, self-deprecating humor, his kindness, and his strength in his morality. He puts up with Amy and the Doctor, and never backs down, despite his apparent weakness.

    • bkcrotty December 29, 2012 at 6:45 am #

      I tip my hat to your kind-hearted rating. I love the crazy, homicidal slutbags too much. Captain Jack and River make me way too excited.

  2. freak0nature December 29, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    I enjoyed your ranking categories. I disagree with you on your choices but it was a fun read and I can see where you’re coming from. I have arguments with my Whovian friends all the time over the companions. I liked Donna, I hated her at first and found her annoying at times but she just kinda grew on me and her ending was just so tragic.

    • bkcrotty December 29, 2012 at 7:25 am #

      So many people like Donna! You’re right, her arc is amazing, but her voice just drives me up the wall. Is Donna your favorite?

      • freak0nature December 29, 2012 at 7:40 am #

        No. I’m a big fan of John Barrowman (Captain Jack) he makes me happy when I see him on screen. Honestly of the “legitimate companions” my favorite is the new one, Clara Oswin Oswald, and she’s only been in two episodes.

  3. Ryan G. December 29, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    I’m not ENTIRELY confident that ballsy is always a good thing… whenever I discuss how much I like Rose (read: dislike) I feel the need to mention that her careless idiocy got over 300 people killed in that episode where she re-awakens the Dalek that slaughters an entire facility… and then she doesn’t show any remorse about it at all, ever.

    … Also, Martha ending up with Mickey makes me want to cry. Even if he ends up being badassish.

    • bkcrotty December 29, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

      That’s a really good point. Rose is careless to the point of accidental massacres (and then essentially genocide when she looks into the TARDIS.) I just love her for allowing me to see David Tennant make adorable faces.

  4. Scarlett April 22, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    How can you hate Amy!? She is awesome! And Donna, she’s amazing. I guess everyone has their own opinion but I really dissagree with you on some of these. My top ten would be…

    1. Clara (I know she wasn’t included here, but she’s absoloutly amazing in every way)
    2. Amy
    3. Donna
    4. Jack
    5. River
    6. Rose
    7. Rory
    8. Martha
    9. Wilfred
    10. Micky

    • bkcrotty April 22, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

      Hey, I completely understand how you feel about Donna. She has a great arc and a mostly-believable character, and she holds the Doctor accountable for things that other people let slide. But she’s needlessly aggressive and very hostile to the Doctor, which I think is counter-productive in a companion. As far as Amy, goes, though, you are going to have to cite some serious sources proving that she is not a self-absorbed, flip-flopping jerk who toys with Rory and consistently makes him feel unappreciated. I like your list, though! Clara rules!

      • Ren April 24, 2013 at 3:38 am #

        Um…Rose was way meaner to Mickey and Jackie than Amy was to Rory. Amy was a flirt, but she made it clear time and again that Rory was her man. Rose led Mickey on while she ran off and played couple/moony girl with the Doctor. She let her mom and him worry without saying I’m sorry or goodbye. I mean she was gone a year and doesn’t even tell her mom where she went or thank Mickey for keeping the secret. So many times her visits to them ended with her running into the TARDIS without saying goodbye. Rose was selfish and bratty. Mickey was awful b/c he was treated like a doormat by a girl he loved.

        Amy was selfish yes, but I don’t know how you can deny she loved Rory. She chose death multiple times over living without him (Amy’s Choice, Angels Take Manhattan, The Girl Who Waited). However, she was not nearly as selfish as Rose. Rose risked destroying two universes (twice!) just b/c she couldn’t handle living without the Doctor. That type of “love” borders on Twilight stupid. The Doctor sort of lives in one of those universes. You’d rather two whole universes be destroyed and the Doctor die then live without him. That’s just dumb. If she truly loved him she would have stayed put instead of risking his life and the life of trillions of people in two universes that the Doctor spent 900 years and 10 regenerations saving.

        As for Donna, she was exactly what the Doctor needed. In Fires of Pompeii she threw the switch with him so that he wouldn’t have to carry the burden of destroying the city all on his own. She reminded him of his humanity time and time again. In that episode she told him they didn’t have to save everyone but they could save someone. She was the mate he needed, not the moony girl. Also, her butting heads with the Doctor was usually b/c he was not being the hero she knew he could be (like wanting to leave Pompeii the second he realized where they were).

    • Julián Torres November 19, 2013 at 12:51 am #

      If you change Amy and Clara round, and Micky and Rory round you have got mine

    • David Berke (@berkeslaw) August 9, 2014 at 5:00 am #

      You and me both! As a Dalek, ballsy, smart-alecky, adorable and ultimately, brave and tragic. Cuter than a bug’s ear. Then as a bar-maid, she literally chases down the Doctor and drags him from his stupor. That little giggle when she turned away after kissing the Doctor was one of the most engagingly feminine moments I can remember. She runs like a track star. She jumps at an empty night sky, intuiting that she will find a ladder. Intuiting that the Doctor brought the umbrella for her. That’s the word then, isn’t it: Intuitive. In her newest incarnation, her initial lack of Internet savvy was soon gone, and I still love her anyway. And I honestly think she is drop-dead pretty, not just “adorable.”

    • David Berke (@berkeslaw) August 9, 2014 at 5:05 am #

      Your numbers 1 and 2 are spot on. Rose’s voice was like seven cats singing on a fence, to me, and I found her emotional antics to be way over-the-top. I am late to the party, but I still marvel at how so many people favor Rose. I could care less what she looks like, she treats Micky like a dog, even robbing us — and her — of a “well, we still have the 4 of us” moment as the faux family is reunited at the end. No, we are only left with her feeling of total loss. Understood, the Doctor’s hard to beat. So what, in her early 20’s, her life is done? Some heroic companion, if that’s the case. He’s cute, deary, but get over him. Faux Daddy saved your life, maybe I missed the moment when she thanked him from sparing her from a living hell in the Void with the Dalaks and the Cybermen. Pull-ease.

  5. Slagman May 3, 2013 at 5:02 am #

    I don’t know who I dislike more, Amy or Donna. But the fact that Wilfred is Donna’s grandad gives her a slight edge because I think he is brillaint. Besides that I love all the other companions

  6. KT May 11, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    We all have such different opinions on the subject. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all! My favorite in terms of the regular girls:

    1. Donna – I love Donna because I think she brings out a different side of the doctor. Very importantly, she (and perhaps time) helped us get over the Doctor’s pain. His character became very solemn after Rose left. We continued on as usual, but the audience can’t help but feel that the Doctor has too much baggage and too dark a past. At times I wanted to reset the Doctor’s age and time so that he could let go of some of his past, baggage and pain and be the free and adventurous doctor once again! Donna really helped him become whole again. David Tennant is my favorite doctor, but I felt that as the series progressed, his doctor became too dark, too solemn, much too sad.

    2. Rose – Probably because I watched her first. The first characters I interact with will always be on my top list (unless I hate them). She was fun. She had flaws and problems, but it helped add to the story. She was annoying at times, but she was still so relatable. I think it’s the actress I really like! I can always count on her warm reactions. Sometimes when the things happen to the Doctor in the later series, I imagine how she would react, laugh, etc. Like when the Doctor found out who the Face of Boe is, I couldn’t help but imagine her little overbite laughter and knee slapping ways.

    3. Martha – Martha really grew on me. I thought I would not like her so much after the loss of Rose, but little did I know. I writers and doctor were unfair to her. I didn’t even realize that I had fallen in love with this character until she left. She had so little time, but she was so reliable! The Doctor could count on her and I could count on her to be there.

    4. Clara – I like her as an actress and person. She is cute as a button and has great chemistry with the doctor. The mystery around her is exciting, but it doesn’t create character. I think she has the potential to develop into a great character if the writers don’t forget to give her more personality and less hype.

    Amy Pond – I’m sorry, but I cannot like Amy Pond as a companion. When she left, I felt sad, but mostly for Rory (who I didn’t think was that interesting to begin with). Without Rory, there is nothing to Amy Pond. She is just the girl who waited. For what? Everyone waits for the Doctor! She has no real history, no character, no individual thought. She is Rory’s girl – or she likes to call Rory and the doctor “her boys” or whatever. I think it isn’t the actresses fault, but the writers for not giving her enough depth. Three episodes in, she became the Doctor’s best friend. How? We don’t know. We just listen and believe because the writers said so. Then she goes on to sticking to the doctor like glue – but oh she is magnificent because she always says she loves Rory and she will always pick him and love him forever. The writers never shows us that she loves Rory short of her saying it when one of them is dying, but she always ends up picking him in life or death situations. That’s fine, but that isn’t giving character. It isn’t giving depth. Amy is considered “spunky” and exciting, but she is just young and bratty. If she were portrayed by a child throughout the travels, it might make more sense. At the current state, Amy Pond just yells a lot, tells people what to do and gets rewarded for all her whining. A physically less attractive actress would not get away with this.

    • bkcrotty May 11, 2013 at 3:40 am #

      I totally agree with you on (almost) everything! I like what Donna brings out in the Doctor, but she’s so abrasive. I think she’s a good character but pretty irritating as a companion.

      Amy is a waste of time.

  7. Beany May 15, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    Rose was way meaner to Mickey than Amy ever was to Rory! I love Amy, and I think she has a great personality, so maybe I’m biased but I do know that Rose was very cruel to Mickey. At least Amy had that episode where she chose him over the Doctor and that was that. And at the end she made the ultimate sacrifice.
    I love Donna, but I see what you mean – she was a bit too abrasive at times. But I love her so much and it was so so so crap when she just forgot all about the Doctor! I used to hate Martha, but she grew on me, and I still find Rose a bit annoying but I like her more now. But DON’T GET ME STARTED ON CLARA! I hate Clara so much. She’s basically a mix up of River and Amy, with a dash of her own ‘hey look at me I’m cute and perky’. I hate her so much. I’ve never disliked a companion as much as I do Clara. She’s so over-hyped and the Doctors obsessed with her, so i feel like I missed something but…. does anyone else like her?

    • Camilga June 1, 2013 at 10:00 am #

      Nope Clara’s too perfect. She’s attractive, kind, good with kids, perky, and selfless. I mean, hey, we need some flaws so we don’t feel like we’re dealing with 2 aliens. Someone who we can relate to. And I’m gonna have to disagree when it comes to Amy. Sure she shows her love for rory every once in awhile but she doesn’t give him near as much as he gives her and she just seems like that bratty kid who gets everything she wants from “her boys”. If that character was played by an ugly actress, would she get away with that behavior? Nope!

  8. Harlequinn May 21, 2013 at 4:05 am #

    Found this googling around and I don’t agree with your list completely but I understand your reasoning.

    For me the order would be
    1. Donna – I just love the chemistry and friendship between her and the Doctor, and how they played off each other. She was a great friend to him (she won me over in the Fires of Pompeii, when she put her hand on the switch with the Doctor and then begged him to save anyone afterwards). And her character arc was amazing.

    2. Capt. Jack – Because he is every level of awesome/hot.

    3. Rose – I just loved her. I liked her transformation and her story arc over series and for the traits you listed.

    4. Sarah Jane – I admired her bravery, and her taking care of things completely independent of the Doctor in her own series as she did.

    5. Rory – I liked him, he was kind, loyal, dependable, and a genuinely nice person. His insecurity regarding the Doctor was understandable but overplayed. Would loved to have seen him away from Amy just to see more of who this man truly is, as such he was criminally underdeveloped. And god knows, I will never understand what he saw in Amy.

    6. Wilf – Absolutely adored this man. Only reason he was so low in this list is because I wanted to see more of him, the bits with him and Donna were great, and his all too brief stint with the Doctor were fantastic. Would have loved to have seen more of him

    7. River – She could have been higher, been I feel like her character degraded over time. In her first appearance in the Library 2-parter I was intrigued by her and how competent she was. But the answer to her mystery wasn’t as much fun as the mystery itself, and she became less and less interesting to me as the series went on.

    8. Martha – Took me a very very long time to warm up to her after Rose’s departure. It was only looking back that I realize that I was judging her unfairly because of it. She was good at what she did, but her unrequited love for the Doctor drowned out a lot of her character for me. But her moving past him and leaving the TARDIS for her own well-being as well as her journey during the lost year was enough to make me like her. To be honest I may still be judging her too harshy, really need to think more about her character objectively.

    9. Amy – Oh god, I hated her. I really do. I wanted to like her but she never felt like a real person to me. She felt like something that was manufactured in a ‘sassy, fiesty supermodel’ factory somewhere. And the more I saw of her that more I saw her as useless and selfish and quite mean to Rory. Was never happier than to see her go.

    10. Mickey – Useless all around. Could have been more and the brief instances we see him as something other than pointless comedy relief hint at it. If only that potential was fully realized.

    ?? Clara – Need to see more of her to judge, but I’m liking her thus far. Just hope I never see those 2 kids she takes care of ever again though.

  9. Mike May 24, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    Rose is the worst!! cocky, arrogant and annoying!! I even rate Mel above her who only wins with the cheese

  10. Luke James May 25, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    1.Donna Noble
    2.River Song
    3.Clara Oswald
    4.Wilfrid Mott
    5.Rory Williams
    6.Sarah Jane Smith
    7.Jack Harkness
    8.Rose Tyler
    9.Amy Pond
    10.Craig Owens

  11. Melody Pond June 11, 2013 at 1:23 am #

    Rose is definitely my favorite companion but don’t get me wrong I love the others ,excluding Mickey he he was so fricking annoying!! I think Donna is funny! She’s funny, she has a temper, and she’s loud!
    I love captain jack, he has got to be my second favorite

    Rory was just amazing, if I ever had a boyfriend I want him to be like Rory

    Martha was ok, I liked Sarah Jane but I think I would have to watch the original series and get to know her better

    Amy. What can I say about Amy. I think Amy is an ok Character, I mean I don’t hate her but I don’t love her. I mean seriously guys alot of people hate her because she is a kiss a gram and hit on/kiss the doctor but you can’t hate her for that, she grew up with her aunt who probably was a bad influence so ya.

  12. matttblack42 June 11, 2013 at 3:15 am #

    I agree with this whole list, although I’d switch Amy and Rose. Amy had lots of trust issues brought on by the Doctor promising to be back in five minutes, only to return twelve years later. Because of this she’s afraid to put her guard down and let other people into her life. With the return of the Doctor she learns to open up, and regain the faith she had when she was a kid. Her compassionate side was shown many times, like when she was crying over the presumably dead Doctor’s body in the series six two-parter, and not wanting to live in a reality without Rory in “Amy’s Choice.”

    And I thought she was definitely competent. She stopped The Doctor from killing a giant space whale in her second episode, and she
    handled the angel coming out of the TV screen in the Angel two parter rather well.

    Meanwhile Rose bugged me. She was more selfish than Amy (willing to possibly destroy two universes just to be with him) and her being in love with the Doctor was annoying in the second series.

  13. Zana Kate Chapman July 2, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    I have to disagree with you completely on this one. Donna to me was such a good mate for the doctor. I loved their banter! I don’t see amy as a complete wast of space… or that cute. Rose isn’t in my opinion as amazing as she is made out to be and she is pretty damn stupid. I would probably have the list like this, I would exclude wilfred because I don’t believe he could travel with the doctor in his old age (though I love him) and I would include Clara (I realise you didn’t because the episodes of her weren’t out yet or whatever..
    10. Mickey
    9. Rory – I cant see him as a companion, Sorry
    8. Amy
    7. River Song
    Im just going to take a minute to explain myself with this one. I hate having the doctor settle down. And I just can’t relate to River, She is awesome yeah but I don’t think she’s a good companion
    6. Martha
    5. Rose
    4. Clara
    3. Donna
    2. Jack
    1. Sarah

  14. stargazer July 12, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    I agree, Rose is the best! Also love Wilf and Donna. Martha is ok.

    But I don’t like River, she’s too smug.

  15. Madyson August 3, 2013 at 7:09 am #

    Rose was my favorite, but I seriously loved EVERY companion. I’ve only seen 2 episodes with Clara so far, and I’m even loving her!

  16. marineskibbi September 9, 2013 at 2:34 am #

    Sarah Jane Smith is by far the best. She was well fit in the early ones and extremely competent, often times having to look after the 4th Doctor.

  17. Aleksandra September 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    I respect all of your opinions. Everybody have there own favorites.Mine is Martha. So my list will be:
    1.Martha Jones-she saved the world without super powers!
    2.Jack-I just love Jack
    In my opinion,Sara Jane is old time companion so that is why she is not on this list. Also,River is Doctor’s wife.And Rose will be much higher on the list but they (writers) ruined her caracter for me.

    • Sneha April 25, 2018 at 6:47 am #

      Martha Jones is a star. ❤︎

  18. Matt September 23, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Thank you for saying everything I want. Pretty accurate rating if you intend to not include the classic companions cause I would put Sarah Jane on top along with Rose. Only I wouldn’t put River Song that high she’s competent, ballsy, compassionate I know but what made me dislike her is that the writers messed up her character by salvaging the least interesting character which is Amy Pond to be her mother. And from then on she seems like all the other plot-device characters of Moffat, she should have been better off written as someone like Capt. Jack. I would put Martha Jones in no. 2.
    New Who Companions:
    1. Rose Tyler
    2. Martha Jones
    3. Donna Noble
    4. Captain Jack Harkness
    5. Wilf -if he’s an official companion / River Song – I loved her until she became the daughter of Amy and Rory.
    6. Rory – basically defined Amy’s character
    7. Mickey Smith
    8. Clara – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she be interesting in season 8. She’s bland and doesn’t make any sense atm.
    9. Amy – I don’t get her. AT ALL. She’s the ultimate definition of the stereotype of women and I can’t believe I’d see it in one of the most amazing show that is Doctor Who.

  19. River October 1, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    I loved rose!!!!! I hated martha though, i have a long list of reasons, for the guy that owns this site, if you want to hear them( you probobly dont, ill be very supprised if you do) then e-mail me.

    • bkcrotty October 1, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

      I’m always down for some friendly debate. I know a lot of people hate Martha and I’m never sure why, except that she likes the Doctor and he doesn’t like her back. Doesn’t really seem like her fault, though. What’s your thought?

      P.S. I’m actually not a guy, but I can see why I might give off that impression.

    • Aleksandra October 3, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

      October 1, 2013 at 2:54 pm #
      I loved rose!!!!! I hated martha though, i have a long list of reasons, for the guy that owns this site, if you want to hear them( you probobly dont, ill be very supprised if you do) then e-mail me.

      Hi,I am Martha fan but i like all the companions.I am interested to know why you hated Martha! Rose is not my favorite companion for a few reasons.One of them is that she was so…I don’t know-destroyed…(?) when Doctor wanted to regenerate in “Journie’s end” .Like she is not going to love his new face? Second her attitude toward other women’s in doctor life.

    • Matt October 22, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

      Please do tell what made you hate Martha. I think she gets a lot of undeserved hate. She’s probably the smartest and most independent companion of the Doctor since reboot.

      I just don’t understand how some people get annoyed with Rose’s attitude with other women. She liked Martha, Donna, had a bit of a spat with Sarah Jane but totally stood as the bigger man to laugh at it first, she even talked and sympathized with Madam de Pompadour who is obviously giving her attitude. I don’t get it… And also she’s 19yrs old who has not been in too many relationships so she easily felt obligated, attached and responsible for the Doctor esp after seeing him regenerate she probably feel more special.

      • Aleksandra October 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

        My mane problem with Rose is that she (in “Stolen Earth/Journie’s end”) knew that Doctor can regenerate so he can’t die but she still say’s “You can’t”! She almost destroyed universe to come to him.I know that she was 19 when she traveled with 9th doctor,but she spent 5(?) years in another reality and she should know better. I blame the writers but this was one reason why Rose annoyed me.

      • Matt November 27, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

        @Aleksandra there was already a tear in the universe there was no real explanation how the collapsing of universe’s happened and who started it (probably the Daleks, since Dalek Caan who escaped time lock) but the Torchwood team in AU made use of that to look for the Doctor and warn him.

  20. James October 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    Rory is a twat

    • richard cubitt November 1, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

      here’s my list

      11. river-horrible personality, stupid idea and the most silly and stupid backstory ever
      10. amy-almost the exact same reason that you put
      9. donna-just a horrible personality, also has the problem of behaving like a 25 yearold dispite clearly being intended to be 40
      8. rose-too clingy, but had some great bits, from here down there all really good
      7. jack-just really shouldn’t have worked, but did, still don’t think sexual inuedndo fits into doctor who, the imotal thing also shouldn’t have worked, but did
      6. mickey-i don’t find him too annoying, liked a lot of his moments, virtually the best thing in series 2, only this low down, because all of the ones in front of him are minorly better
      5. rory-on here because he’s incredibly bad ass, and yet still doesn’t let that take over his personality
      4. sarah jane-i have to make a confession that in the classic series i thought she was boring, and a bit whiny, but still great, but when they bought her back she suddenly became really really good, in the end she doesn’t make the top spot, because i didn’t feel that she made it to be a great companion in the classic series.
      3. clara-great companion, however a lot of her episodes are poor, the kids, were awful, also she was a much better character in here dalek and victorian versions
      2. wilf-amazing, there is nothing to choose between him and martha, however, he is partly responsible for the monstrosity which is donna
      1. martha-for the same reasons whoich you listed, but i like the mickey thing, that could actually make a great spin-off.

      you should watch the classics and the sarah jane adventures.

      sarah janes son is adopted.

      • Sneha April 25, 2018 at 6:44 am #

        Seeing Martha being understood makes me so happy. She’s my absolute favourite too. 🌟 I can’t rank the others though, I love them all.

  21. Jo November 21, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    Amy is model hot? when did average become the new hot, much less like a model (models btw are supposed to look exotic)? I dont dislike her personality, but it’s not likable either, as you said.

    river is everything wrong with DW, unfortunately. she doesn’t deserve him or any part of this show really. she’s just a generic straw feminist Mary Sue. wow, a mouthful, but true.

    Glad you love Rose and Rory though. She is the best female companion of the new show and Rory is a layered, very lovable and relatable guy. however, I completely disagree the companions “need” to be ballsy. that’s so overrated, especially with women. I’d love to see more “timid” type women, it’s refreshing to not have to see a woman smirk in the face of danger and have a, uh, realistic reaction for once. let’s have a female Rory, I’d LOVE that!

  22. Marianna December 1, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

    I don’t really have a favorite companion. Almost all of them have a saving point for me.
    The one i didn’t really like cause i couldn’t connect to was Mickey but all the other ones have good and bad points.
    Rose: What i loved about Rose was the way she connected to the Doctor, especially the 10th one.Much of it must be attributed to the great chemistry Billie and David had, but never the less something about them just made sense to me. Just the fact that her departure made the doctor so broken and cold, says it all. What i didn’t like was the fact that sometimes she felt immature and she got herself in trouble more often than she should.
    Captain Jack Harkness : i just love this dude, love how sassy and flirty he was.Maybe it’s the fact that i got to know him better through Torchwood and i saw his emotional side, as well.
    Martha: Martha’s first episode was amazing, she came across as this smart, capable and compassionate woman. I was devastated after the loss of Rose but Martha’s first episode eased the pain a bit. However the writers decided to make her pin after the Doctor in every-single-episode, which took off all her great qualities as a character.She stood out for me again when she traveled the world to save the Doctor and she finally stood out to him and decided to back out. She did the reasonable thing and she didn’t get herself killed or damaged at the end like every single companion.She left on her own terms and that is badass. Wish they didn’t ruin her character with all the lovey eyes she threw at 10.
    Donna: the fact that she didn’t pin after the doctor and that she was the friend he so needed is her saving point for me. We rarely see Doctor having a true friend-one with no sexual tension-during the new era of DWho.However she was a tad too loud and sassy sometimes. Still i am quite fond of her.
    River Song: She was a badass and en equal if not superior sometimes with the doctor but then the whole amy’s daughter, i love you Doctor but i must kill you but i won’t cause well i love you but i can’t be without you, ruined it for me.
    Wilf : Loved Wilf, i agree with every single thing you said.And after Martha’s and Rose’s annoying family members we need someone like him. He was amazing. Loved him! Plus talking about family members can i just say how amazing Rory’s dad, Brian was?
    Clara: Loved her as a Dalek with humanity, she was smart, sassy, flirty, funny and most of all she was human. She rocked. Loved how flirty and cute as a button she was as her victorian incarnation. Clara’s mystery is intriguing and i get why 11 was so enchanted (and slightly obsessed) with her.but somehow her mystery overlapped her personality and we didn’t see much of it. She is a great plot device, but not a really fleshed out character. i am excited to see her interactions with the 12th doctor, hope that they fix her character a bit.
    Amy: If it wasn’t for the points i am going to mention in a while, i would have to say that Amy wasn’t really a great character. Yes she was sassy and she had a childish curiosity that rivaled Doctor’s (and that was why they clicked together) but she didn’t really have a life, she wasn’t fleshed out, she didn’t feel that real. In some episodes she was annoying or bland BUT here are her saving points.
    I loved young Amelia, and i would like the Doctor to have spent a bit more time with her than Amy. There was something about young Amelia’s sweetness that i just loved. Also she proved to be quite smart and capable.
    I loved the idea of a young girl meeting Doctor and getting to travel with him. It’s basically every doctor who fans dream come true.
    Amy-Amelia gave me my favorite character theme/music ever. If you haven’t heard her song/theme yet you are missing. It is Magical, Eerie, Mysterious, yet ultimately Sad and heartbreaking.
    Unfortunately Amy’s love for Rory didn’t come out for me at all, it just wasn’t there, it was there only when Rory was in danger.
    Her demise/departure left me in tears and i am still bawling my eyes out but for all the WRONG reasons. I didn’t feel sorry for her or River/Melody. I felt sorry for Rory’s dad, Brian, who was a great character and who would wait for them to come home and they would never come back. He never got to say goodbye to his son and his daughter-in-law. I also bowled my eyes out when i saw Doctor’s reaction to her goodbye. He was a broken man. Doctor cried over the loss of Rose and Donna, yes he was heartbroken, he was broken inside. But never did he plead with someone like that. Never was he selfish enough to ask someone to stay with him and not follow their husband. He gave me one of my favorite lines which is: “Come along, Pond, please”.
    (not to mention that Amy’s and 11’s time gave us the line: “You were the first face this face saw”)
    Rory: Rory was a tad too quirky, and obsessed over Amy but at the same time he was a different companion to all the other ones,he wasn’t in awe of everything the doctor ever did and that was refreshing. Plus how can i not love the fact that he said that the Tardis was another dimension when everyone says bigger on the inside. His demise was ok cause it takes balls to stand on a building and admit that you were killed million times, so screw you death. He would make a so much better companion if they downplayed the whole love triangle, who will Amy choose thing, pinning over Amy thing, oh and the whole River is our daughter but we don’t really care thing.
    I just wish that Moffatt would take the good points of each one of these characters and made a great companion.
    P.S Has anyone noticed how beautiful or appropriate some of the DW names are? Martha Jones: sounds smart and professional doesn’t it?
    Amelia Pond: perfect fairytale like name for a girl who got to live her dream, plus i love the name Amelia.

  23. brendan January 24, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    “I have not watched the old series”


  24. Toshiki Kai January 30, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    I hated Donna so much! She always seemed to be shouting, or just being an idiot. She did have her moments, like when she figured out the dating system in “The Doctor’s Daughter” but for the most part, I couldn’t take her seriously as a companion.
    River just annoys the hell out of me. “Hello, Sweetie” and “Spoilers” get pretty grating the billionth time they’re said, plus she looks old enough to be the (Eleventh) Doctor’s mother. The worst part is, we’ve already seen her birth and death, so theoretically, she could show up whenever she likes, or at least until the Doctor gives her his screwdriver and tells her to go to the library. Which unfortunately means, she’s going to show up again in the Twelfth Doctors run.

    • lee December 23, 2014 at 4:28 am #

      I agree 100% piss on donna

  25. DoctorWhoFan May 21, 2014 at 5:30 pm #

    I love your list, and I love the category ranking, I almost fully agree with them.

    But, to be honest, I really disagreed with the rating you gave Donna, and Amy. Donna was bitchy and sassy, but that was one of the reasons that made her so good, and deep down, she had a big heart. She wasn’t the brightest companion of the doctor’s, but she was always there for him, and a few times she solved the problem. She was a great companion in season 4, I liked the fact that there was no romance between her and the doctor (as all of the other ones did). I’d give her probably 3 or 4 on my list. I agree that Amy was pretty selfish, but she was intelligent, smoking hot, and that scottish accent! I’d probably give her five or six on my list.

    I agree with you on Mickey, super annoying he was. I felt like bitch slapping him a few times, lol.

    Rose Tyler will always be my favorite companion of all time ❤ #LoveYouRose

    I really like River, too. I agree with everything you said about her.

    Overall, good job!

  26. DCrespo July 17, 2014 at 5:07 pm #

    I agree with most of what you’re saying aside from Martha Jones. It was never explained why she never got married to get husband, it could have been just as easy that he was killed at some point. Also I consider Martha Jones one of the the Ballsiest companions ever to board the TARDIS. She traveled the globe despite The Masters army searching for her. Her rescue plan was to be captured on purpose, which is extremely ballsy considering she could have been killed at any moment during capture. She is one of my absolute favorite companions because she held her own with the Doctor instead of heavily relying on him like many if the rest. Despite me loving get character though, I’d only give her a 3 in the compassion level as she was willing to destroy the planet Earth with that UNIT chip thing against the Daleks.

    • bkcrotty July 17, 2014 at 6:02 pm #

      Aw, tits, you’re right! I totally forgot about the UNIT thing. It seemed to really tear her up, though, to you know, subject everyone on planet Earth to a fiery death.

  27. Sierra July 24, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    Sarah Jane’s son was adopted.

    • bkcrotty July 25, 2014 at 6:55 am #

      That makes more sense than most of my guesses, and yet somehow, with this franchise, the thought would never have occurred to me.

  28. Hogwarts September 10, 2014 at 11:19 am #

    I am torn between Rose (though she is my fav) Clara, and Melody Pond (aka River Song)

  29. anhkara L September 11, 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    I really like clara oswaId because she’s cute and flirty. The 11th doctor deep inside probaly loved her and was curious about her. 3 cheers for the Impossible girl and the woman twice dead. I hated amy she was cute but sselfish

  30. lee December 23, 2014 at 4:27 am #

    Wtf donna at over 15%. I could not stand her. Just a loud mouth whiney annoying bitch. Every episode i wanted her to die horribly lol. Rose the Martha for this guy.

  31. Robert B Turner January 3, 2015 at 4:42 am #

    I like to have seen them put every companion on the list . I am wondering if a lot of the companion in this top ten list would even be there, is they had added all of them .. My pick would be Romana.

  32. bigboss July 1, 2015 at 10:09 am #

    The thing I hate about people who pick their favorite companions based on cuteness, they don’t look at other things. Just that. Also, yeah… Clara was a Mary sue all the way. She was pretty and kind and good with kids. She SAVED THE DOCTOR and her entire existence is to save the Doctor. Amy was a Barbie. She was anything that the directors/script writers wanted her to be.

    In my opinion, most of the anti-Rose are those that hated her chemistry with the Doctor and didn’t watch the 9th and/or 10th Doctor. They moved to the 11th as soon as they started. They only knew Amy and Clara as the companions and River as the wife. May I remind you that the wedding happened in an alternate timeline that no one remembered and with only her parents as witness. He married her to gain her trust.

    Okay, getting out of hand. My favorite companion had to be Donna. Because that was what she was. A companion. She was the Doctor’s best mate and she had learned from him just as he learned from her.

  33. Hannes September 19, 2015 at 11:01 pm #

    Yeah, Rose was a good companion, but the way she just abandons her boyfriend and familiy in the matter of SECONDS (did I tell you that I also travel through time? -> off she goes) just shows that she really is the one only thinking about herself. Yes, the story arc (bad wolf) is a nice one and she’s responsible for the Face of Boe, but she’s not my number 1 pick.

    My number 1 pick has to be Donna (mind you, I just started with the 11th doctor and I don’t even know Amy/Rory too well just now). Yes, she’s rather noisy at times (OI shut it space boy!) but I love how she and the doctor are just good friends (and yet they are constantly mistaken for husband and wife). It’s sad to see how she has to get her memory wiped, but at least the The Doctor Donna lives on in the Oot’s songs. I also like how she does look incredibly ugly the one moment and incredibly hot the very next moment. That’s fascinating.

    Martha… well, Martha is just in between. I liked how she cared about other people. Always trying to help even if it put herself in danger (THAT’S real compassion!) and she does look hot as well. But sometimes I felt she was just TOO smart/witty. Can’t put it in better words… Also, falling madly in love with The Doctor just didn’t do it for me. I never felt she was too compasionate about him. It was only her words that let me know she was in love with him, but her body language never showed any of this.

    Amy/Rory: As I’ve said, I only watched a few episodes so far of those. Amy is incredibly hot and she and Rory did manage to fight of one of those weird fish things in Venice with a BROOM. So, Rory is really compasionate about Amy, that much is true. Amy seems to be getting the point slowly… let’s see how this season unfolds.

  34. Jared Bayoh December 23, 2015 at 3:58 am #

    Martha Jones saves the Doctor, more than she needs to be saved. River the bomb, lover her 2. Rose killed 9. Donna grandpa killed 10/11. Clara slapped the doctor and was mean, Made him feel bad, she’s the worse. The ponds are ok. Martha and River are the best…. IJS

  35. Ivy February 10, 2016 at 11:34 pm #

    are you completely nuts telling that amy pond has something with hotness???

  36. Naomi June 1, 2016 at 3:30 pm #

    Couldn’t agree more!

  37. ihtardis1911 October 17, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    Alright, I had to say this about Amy. I can’t explain why she fancies herself so much in series 6, and series 7, but for series 5 I can explain. Amy had hardly anyone. She was raised by her aunt, who, in the scenes we saw her, didn’t seem to show much affection towards her niece. We didn’t find out about Mels being her best friend until series 6, and I don’t think that it was mentioned in series 5 that she knew Rory when he was young. The Doctor met her when she was 7, and maybe she thought that he would be like a father to her. I mean, do dad’s normally let you eat ice cream in the middle of the night?
    But the Doctor abandoned her for 12 years, and so maybe Amy started to love herself because she thought she didn’t have anybody who loved her in a life. Yes, there was Rory, but she thought he was gay.
    I don’t think that she’s the best companion, but I really don’t think she’s the worst. I mean, you could probably say the same things about Rose: Ran off with a strange man, woke up a Dalek who killed 300 people, created a wound in time and let the reapers in- yet you say Rose Tyler is the best companion.

  38. Emma July 16, 2017 at 5:46 am #

    Yeah, I know this post is from forever ago, but I’m gonna comment anyway. You appealed to my Tenth Doctor obsession. You asked for it 😉

    I’m stuck. I can’t not love Rose because she and the Doctor are freaking in love and I want him to have her, but Donna also ranks highly for me because she was the first to really see into the Doctor. Ten needed someone like that by the time Donna came around because he’d already lost his planet, his people, and two companions, one of which entailed a full-blown heartbreak I’m not sure he ever got completely over. Donna noticed right away when she met him that he needed someone, and when she decided she was going to be that someone, she jumped straight in with no regard for the consequences—all that mattered was that she knew the Doctor needed someone, she could be that someone, and who cared if their adventures were probably going to be life-threatening. The fact that the Doctor changed Donna for the better is just icing on the cake, and Donna’s farewell and loss of memory is just so tragic…I have a weakness for tragic things. Like, I probably can’t watch Rose fall into the void often enough. Like I said. Tragic. Poor Ten. Can you see I really go for the angst? Oh well. I’m hopeless.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion—I totally get what you mean about Donna above, and totally agree with you about Rose 🙂

  39. Padmasandhya February 6, 2018 at 1:16 pm #

    When it comes to loving the doctor, I think River fares better than Rose. I don’t think Rose would love all the faces of the doctor equally and she quite readily agreed to settle with the meta doctor. It shows she was only in love with Ten.
    River, on the other hand, loves all the incarnations of the doctor equally. Plus, it does help that her sass fares much better than Rose’s selfish whines.


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    […] Karen Gillan is one of the sexiest, most Scottish women to ever grace the pale screen of BBC. But when I think about the Ponds, I miss Rory WAY more than I miss Amy. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t serve much of a purpose after season 5 except to be a pregnant plot device? Maybe because her character is inconsistent, and arguably incompetent? […]

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